Ogaki and company

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Our Address: Ogaki & Company,
Dewa sumithrarama Mw.,
Sri Lanka
Mobile: 077-7222345
E-mail: info@ogaki.lk

Dear Vistor , Custormer

You may contact OGAKI at any time, we will reply you as soon as possible with most suitable solutions.. Thank you.

ogaki and company dental suplies


We do world famous Shofu products. Please contact us for your requirments.. More Details..

ogaki and company dental suplies


High quality cements and adhesives are imported by ogaki to Sri Lanka.. More Details..

ogaki for lascod products in sri lanka

Endodontics & Orthodontics

NIC at present product& more than 50 different types of endodontic & orthodontic. More Details..

Ogaki & Company , Sri Lanka – 2018 – A Company introduces reliable and world famous brands of products for Sri Lanka Market in the field of Dental Health care. Ogaki imports world renowned brands Shofu and Lascod and distributes at competitive prices affordable. Sri Lanka’s prices of dental health care products and quality of products vary slightly. While government , Sri Lanka Dental Associations , and the Health Ministry is taking care about dental health of people of Sri Lanka the private sector is also play a major roll for betterments of the oral health in Sri Lanka. Dental Cements , Dental surgical instruments, safety gloves and other products are offered by Ogaki and Company with a prompt after service.