Ogaki and company

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Quality dental products from Shofu , Japan and from Lascod , Italy are imported and destributed by Ogaki & Company , Sri Lanka.

about Ogaki & Company

Ogaki & Company started its journey in 2011 as a sub dealer of Shofu Dental materials, blossom gloves and other dental materials in Colombo, Sri Lanka. I have started my Company with a small office including three staff members. Though I had very few staff I managed to distribute materials Island wide. I used to send material through domestic currier service for out of Colombo customers.

The Ogaki and Company which is now have established as an Importer and Distributer of dental materials in Sri Lanka. The products we are dealing are all registered under Cosmetic Device & Drugs Authority in Sri Lanka. The Company introduces reliable and world famous brands of Shofu from Japan and Lascod from Italy for Sri Lankan dental market in the field of dental health care.

ogaki and company

Our Mission

Conserve and enhance humen life by providing quality healthcare products to all Sri Lankans. Our motto is to continuously seek quality of products that would gear up the dental health sector and ensure the public are benefited.

Our Vission

To be a leading dental and surgical material importer in Sri Lanka and to contribute improving quality of Oral Health of People

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