Ogaki and company


ogaki and company dental suplies

Shofu Products

We do world famous Shofu products. Please contact us for your requirments. More Details..

ogaki and company dental suplies

Cements Types

High quality cements and adhesives are imported by ogaki to Sri Lanka. More Details...

ogaki for Mesa at present produces more than 50 different types of alloys

Endodontics & Orthodontics

NIC at present product more than 50 different types of endodontic & orthodontic.More Details...

Ogaki & Company , Sri Lanka

The Ogaki and Company which is now have establized in Sri Lanka as an Importer and Distributer of dental meterial.

ogaki and company

Our Mission

Conserve and enhance human life by providing quality healthcare products to all Sri Lankans. Our motto is to continuously seek quality of products that would gear up the dental health sector and ensure the public are benefited.

Our Vission

To be a leading dental and surgical material importer in Sri Lanka and to contribute improving quality of Oral Health of People

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